Tottenham Pavilion 2020

Tottenham Pavilion 2020 is an ambitious continuation of the project and its success in 2019. Together with a team we have developed the idea on a bigger scale, which was selected as an event in London Festival of Architecture 2020. Although initial plans and time frame were challenged by Covid 19 outbreak, lockdown followed by social distancing we were able to stay on the track with competition and participate in LFA.

In early 2020, we launched Tottenham Pavilion competition to develop a conceptĀ for a pavilion that encapsulates the uniqueness of warehouse life for a wider public audience. From the beginning the were bumpy corners and circumstances pushed us to manoeuvrer between limitations and pick up new possibilities and opportunities to find the way to go forward. As a result we build a successful partnership with KooZA/rch and documented a our journey in series of podcasts featured in LFA Digital 2020 in which we shared our experiences in running a project and talk about Pavilion in wider architectural, social and environmental contexts with experts in this fields. Above all, together with judges we announced the Tottenham Pavilion competition’s winner and shortlisted design.

This year give us a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm to carry on with the project and postpone the fundraising and building phase until 2021. The project is covered in an interesting article by Robbie Hodges. Check out our website for more info about the project, partners, competition, judges, all designs submitted, shortlisted design and the winner of the Tottenham Pavilion 2020.