“Art is a concept. There are many different concepts yet abstract art is difficult one as abstract is the concept in its nature – the nature of abstract is a concept. Creative process requires certain discipline from artist in terms of balancing the ‘composition’. The relation to abstract art is measured by intuitive motion. It is an individual experience and the response has emotional character. It engages feelings, creates mood and sets an atmosphere…. this is the essence of abstract art.”

Carolina Khouri


Carolina Khouri’s paintings are created mostly in series. Her art is dominated by free and abstract approach. Through the composition and the vivid colours artist finds the balance and harmony. She follows the concept of art based on aesthetic, relating to the definition of ‘aesthetic’: pleasant, beauty, clean, to bring about the clarity between colours and texture.

In her painting an aesthetic is supported by minimalism that gives a great deal of emphasising the importance of gesture, movement, action and still background colour – two main factors which work together in opposition to each other.
Through abstract, as a style or way of expression, she communicates with the viewer on emotional level. The surface of the painting with the commanding position of one colour creates powerful yet meditative image and the relationship of colour, perception and space is conveyed to the senses.

Khouri is intrigued by many aspects of life and culture, which she transforms into the style that she finds accurate for the media nd theme. Over the years she has been developing techniques and style in diverse disciplines and versatile media such as video recording, objects and installation. Her art is as universal and it provokes to communicate with the vision and the feelings depicted.

Carolina Khouri is inspired by great masters and by the radical artists art movements, which have had a significant impact on art and its directions over the centuries. In her practice essential factor is artist’s freedom of expression within or out of the canon.