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August 2019
InterZone, mixed media site specific installation, Tottenham Pavilion 2019, London UK

May 2019 
Dance of Stillness, The Magma Group, Stash Gallery, London, UK

Oct 2018/Jan 2019
Independence of Art – Freedom of the Artist, group exhibition, Museum Exhibition Pavilion, Czestochowa, PL

Oct 2018
Krak not cocaine, duo exhibition with W.A. Sobczynski, Mag Gallery, Krakow, PL

May/Jun 2018 
Sky Puddles, site specific installation, Bernie Grants Art Centre, London, UK

Dec 2017
The Magma Group exhibition 2017, Arthouse Gallery, London, UK

Sep/Oct 2017
RadioCreativity, duo exhibition with W.A. Sobczynski, Contemporary Art Centre, Torun, PL

Jun/Aug 2017
Spectrum, The Magma Group, TM Lighting Gallery, London, UK

Feb 2017
‘Ball on the beach’ at Cranbrook Video Festival, Cranbrook, UK

Dec 2016/Jan 2017
Landscape of my mind, Solo exhibition, Gallery OPK Gaude Mater, Czestochowa, PL

Nov 2016
Squaring the Circle project by Page Group, POSK Gallery, London, UK

Sep 2016
Squaring the Circle project by Page 6 Group, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko – Biala, PL

Apr 2016
Blue,  Chroma Project Exhibition, Safehouse2, London, UK

Feb/Mar 2016
Unseen, The Magma Group exhibition, The Montage Gallery, London, UK

Jan/Feb 2016
Photo Exhibition, Group exhibition, Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun, PL

Oct 2015
Flip Eye installation at Pallet Paradise, Art Event, London, UK

March 2015
Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami, solo exhibition, Redmond Community Centre, London UK

Feb 2015
 The Magma Group, Espacio Gallery, London, UK

Jan 2015
ArtRooms 2015, Art Fair at Melia White House – Regent’s Park, London UK

Oct/Nov 2014
The Magma Group Exhibition, Griffin Gallery, London, UK

Oct 2014
Art Below Group Show, Framers Gallery, London, UK

Aug/Sep 2014
8 Biennale of Miniature, group exhibition, Czestochowa, PL

Apr/ Jun 2014
Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami 2014, solo exhibition, Ognisko, London, UK

Jan 2014
Open Abstract, group exhibition, Orleans Gallery, London, UK

Dec 2013
Object Abuse, Group exhibition, Spinach London, London UK

Oct 2013
Arteria, group exhibition, Polish Hearth, London UK

Sep/Oct 2013 
The Magma Group Exhibition, Vibe Gallery, London, UK

Feb 2013
Parallax Art Fair, London UK

Feb 2013
Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami 2013, solo exhibition, POSK Gallery, London UK

Feb 2013
Cities: All Dimensions, group exhibition, Tokarska Gallery, London UK

Sep 2012
Mobile Platform, Design Block, South Bank Centre, London, UK

Sep 2012
Postcards to Japan, group exhibition, Minami Soma Museum, Minami Soma City, JP

May/Jun 2012
Space for Mind – Space for Art, group exhibition, Spring Project, London, UK

Apr/Jul 2012
Postcards to Japan, group exhibition, Fukushima Museum of Art, Fukushima,

JP Mar 2012
Haiku Prelude-Haiku Kami, exhibition and book launch, Pop Up Gallery, London,

Nov/Dec 2011
Format VI Collective, Page 6 art group, Unit 24 Gallery, London, UK

Oct 2011
Format VI Collective, Page 6 art group, POSK Gallery, London, UK

Sep 2011
Drawing Connections, group exhibition, Sienna Art Institute, Sienna, IT

Sep 2011
Garage Wood, Commissioned Project for Baltic Restaurant, London, UK

Feb 2011
Light Night Nottingham, group street exhibition, Nottingham, UK

Nov 2010
Passion for Freedom, group exhibition, Unit 24 Gallery, London, UK

Nov 2010
Deconstruction Project, group exhibition, Homeless Gallery, London, UK

Aug 2010
Take Away, group exhibition, The Outside World Gallery, London, UK

Jun 2010
Rejects, group exhibition, Menier Chocolate Factory, London, UK

May 2010
A Moving Exhibition, group exhibition, W&W Gallery, London, UK

Mar 2010
Series ‘Strictly Woman’, solo exhibition, Gallery POSK, London UK

Feb 2010
Showcase, group show, 1001 Café, Bricklane, London, UK

Feb 2010
This is England, group exhibition, The Centre for Contemporary Art, Preston, UK / The Beaconhouse University Gallery in Lahore, Pakistan

Jan 2010
Series ‘Strictly Woman’, solo show, Arteria Gallery, London, UK

Nov/Dec 2009
Figures, group exhibition, Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare, UK

Oct 2009
Series ‘Strictly Woman’, solo exhibition – The Incubator, London, UK

Oct 2009
Open Call, Frieze Art Show, London, UK

Mar 2004
Distinction in an international contest, ‘The Painting of the Year 2003’, group exhibition, Krolikarnia Palace, Warsaw, Poland