She has been developing visual language that responds to reciprocity of forming conjunction of seemingly incompatible aesthetics. Crispy contrast of vivid colours emphasises sculptural strokes against a still background and spontaneous, intuitive movement creates feelings provoking image. The minimalist approach creates essential form, exploring the relationship between perception and space

which comes across as sensual. The message of unity and interconnectedness
is delicately explored in a variety of mediums such as video art, found objects,
installations and sculpture.

Carolina explores ways of expression and manners that her art appears in its individual recognition and to define her own singular identity as an artist. 

She joined artists’ group Page 6 in 2011 and became a member of The Magma Group in 2013.

She lives in Harringey Warehouse District, where she is involved in culture and community projects as a project manager and curator. She was a director of Haringey Arts CIC (2012 – 18) and she facilitates Village Fund, which supports local artists and creatives.

Carolina Khouri (b.1971) is Lebanese – Polish artist based in London. She obtained MA in Polish Literature (Warsaw University, 2000) and Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design (University of Arts London, 2007).