Tottenham Pavilion 2020_What next

Absolutely gutted.

Last week we found out that we were unsuccessful in securing a pledge from the Mayor of London. It was clear from the feedback we received, and have been receiving from other funders we’ve talked to, that competition for funding is much higher due to the fallout from the pandemic and arts community organisation’s loss of revenue.

This funding was the cornerstone of our fundraising plan and it leaves a significant gap.

We were successful and remain extremely grateful to all who helped us secure an initial £5,600 in personal pledges and to those businesses and trusts who had provisionally outlined donations of c.£20,000.

An all or nothing crowdfunding model does require confidence that the final gap can be achieved. Unfortunately, after subsequent conversations over the past week, we do not have confidence we can fill that gap and have had to make some hard decisions.

What Next

There’s been a huge amount of energy and effort put into Tottenham Pavilion and we’ve formed a burgeoning community of volunteers and backers. We want to ensure this group and the ideas generated live on in some shape or form. We’re continuing with Factory of Wonder CIC, the social enterprise that was formed last year to deliver Tottenham Pavilion. We hope to find new opportunities to utilise our co-design model and realise more self-build projects.

While the pavilion may not be built exactly how it was initially envisaged or at the speed first predicted, we are driven to find new opportunities with the same ambition and community spirit that fuelled this design.