Page 6 Art Group

Page 6 group, formed by Wojciech Antoni Sobczynski in 2010, combines artists originating from Poland who had settled in London. It is the collision of cultures that characterises the common experiences of the group members. The experimental approach focused on presentations and identical size of the artwork.
I joined the group in 2011 and together with Wojciech Antoni Sobczynski led the two projects: Format VI Collective (2011) and Squaring the Circle (2016) – art exchange project in partnership with Galeria Bielska BWA (Bielsko – Biala, PL).

Squaring the Circle (2016)

Squaring the Circle is an idea and a title of a new collective undertaking of the art group Page 6. It is aimed in equal measure at all Page 6 members as a thought provoking concept whilst resolving a joint project. A symbolic reference is made to Leonardo da Vinci study known as The Vitruvian Man, in which the artist attempts to draw the ideal proportions of a human figure set against the basic geometric shapes of a square and a circle, whereby he touches on an age old mathematical conundrum of Quadrature of a Circle.

Members of the Page 6, with a diverse artistic practices and philosophies, join forces in an attempt to exploit the apparent paradox without preconditions. The one and only unifying factor is the artwork size. It is a necessary common denominator, a linking ‘circle’ in a joint installation of multiple squares, a show without apparent conventions. In that way all Page 6 artists explore the limits of the ‘individual versus collective’.

The Project Squaring the Circle consists of 20 canvases measuring 100 x 100 cm. The linkage between them attempts to establish experimental narratives through multi layered exposition. The self imposed format of 4 square meters for each artist and subsequent modular choreography of the show harnesses the exhibition into a single vehicle whilst preserving the creative freedom of each participating artists, their outlook on the contemporary world – be it artistic, technological, political or environmental. It is the absence of artistic constraints, which underscores Squaring the Circle and makes this project such an exciting possibility.

The Participants: Joanna Ciechanowska, Agnieszka Handzel, Carolina Khouri, Pawel Kordaczka, Wojciech Antoni Sobczynski.

Squaring the Circle Exhibitions: Sep 2016 Galeria Bielska BWA (Bielsko – Biala, PL),  Nov 2016 POSK Gallery

Find more about an exchange project’s (Squaring the Circle and The Ten of Arts) London/Bielsko-Biala exhibitions in the link here>>> and on Page 6 facebook page>>>

Format VI Collective (2011)

The second presentation of the art group Page 6 is intended as an experiment. It involves all members in a creative environment equal for all in a unified format. Practising in a divergent styles and techniques, the six have agreed to be harnessed into one format working as a collective towards a joint objective of a show in which an attempt is made at subverting exhibiting standards. The show Format VI Collective is challenging the viewer to pass aesthetic judgment at the whole narrative sequence constructed from random individual contributions.

Page 6 art group appears in its second presentation as Format VI Collective. This time, 24 square metres of canvas will be displayed in equal measure harnessing six different creative approaches into one experimental display sequence.
The participants: Joanna Ciechanowska, Agnieszka Handzel, Carolina Khouri, Pawel Kordaczka, Pawel Wasek, Wojciech A. Sobczynski. Exhibitions: Nov/Dec 2011 Unit 24 Gallery, Dec 2011 POSK Gallery