Pallet Paradise is set for October… actually is 3 days to go!!!… Ups… night before PV the installation got broken… on Fri 16th by 6am we put it back together all pieces and at 6pm we welcome the guests :))

 ‘Flip Eye’ installation of 30 prisms at ‘Pallet Paradise’

It has been a long long time since I first had an idea of creating an installation out of prisms.

…finally!… in October it will be ready and it will be a part of the great Pallet Paradise event.

Come and see it!!

Installation getting ready, prisms are glued together. Voitek Sobczynski’s expertise was irreplaceable  and his help is greatly appreciated.

There are still some bits and pieces to the final set at the Omnibus before Jack Wates get the lighting right.

It is getting really exiting and in the meantime  the Pallet Paradise got listed in the Time Out and Evening Standard

See the process

Inspirations.. effects..



‘Flip Eye’ construction… 3 days long process of gluing prisms and perspex rods

help of Wojciech Antoni Sobczynski was absolutely immeasurable!!!

IMG_8094  IMG_8095  IMG_8103 IMG_8110 IMG_8113

On the site of Pallet Paradise

Building process of the maze took few days. The team was great and the time pressure ever greater!!!

IMG_8175  IMG_8177  IMG_8179 IMG_8180   IMG_8183   IMG_8184  IMG_8187  IMG_8186  IMG_8188IMG_8189   FullSizeRender-1 


Broken ‘Flip Eye’

15 October around 10pm we tried to set the ‘Flip Eye’ and test the lighting when the it got broken… in many many pieces. By 6am the whole installation was ready to be at Pallet Paradise

IMG_8203 IMG_8201 IMG_8202 IMG_8205 IMG_8207 IMG_8208IMG_8210 IMG_8209 IMG_8206

….Finally there !!!!….

‘Flip Eye’ has been seen and turn round thousands of time over 16 – 18 October… gave lots of joy and it came back to the studio in one piece


  IMG_8371  IMG_8372