Art Residency at Aamir Art House, Goa – India

Most inspiring month at Aamir Art House – Artist Residency program for international artists in Goa, India.

During the residency period I have created paintings and sculptures (below) inspired by the surroundings and the local life. The inspirations reflect in the materials and colours as well as stylistically playful manner in regards to my characteristic way and colour pallet I usually use. The freedom of being able to work with no restriction to theme or subject, allows me to absorb all  sensations which come from cultural differences and let them shape the creative process.

I would like to thank to Bubloo_Rizvi Zariwala – Patron of the Aamir Art House, Nicola Louise Woollon and Christopher Boyce for putting all together and making it all happen. Find more about the residency on Instagram page @aamirarthouse

The Cut                                                                 Bird Sanctuary                                Green Glow Inside