May 2019 – Dance of Stillness, The Magma Group, Stash Gallery, London, UK

Oct 2018/Jan 2019 – Independence of Art – Freedom of the Artist, group exhibition, Museum Exhibition Pavilion, Czestochowa, PL

Oct 2018 – Krak not cocaine, duo exhibition with W.A. Sobczynski, Mag Gallery, Krakow, PL

May/Jun 2018 – Sky Puddles, site specific installation, Bernie Grants Art Centre, London, UK

Dec 2017 – The Magma Group exhibition 2017, Arthouse Gallery, London, UK

Sep/Oct 2017 – RadioCreativity, duo exhibition with W.A. Sobczynski, Contemporary Art Centre, Torun, PL

Jun/Aug 2017 – Spectrum, The Magma Group, TM Lighting Gallery, London, UK

Feb 2017 – ‘Ball on the beach’ at Cranbrook Video Festival, Cranbrook, UK

Dec 2016/Jan 2017 – Landscape of my mind, Solo exhibition, Gallery OPK Gaude Mater, Czestochowa, PL

Nov 2016 – Squaring the Circle project by Page Group, POSK Gallery, London, UK

Sep 2016 – Squaring the Circle project by Page 6 Group, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko – Biala, PL

Apr 2016 – Blue,  Chroma Project Exhibition, Safehouse2, London, UK

Feb/Mar 2016 – Unseen, The Magma Group exhibition, The Montage Gallery, London, UK

Jan/Feb 2016 – Photo Exhibition, Group exhibition, Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun, PL

Oct 2015 – Flip Eye installation at Pallet Paradise, Art Event, London, UK

March 2015 – Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami, solo exhibition, Redmond Community Centre, London UK

Feb 2015 — The Magma Group, Espacio Gallery, London, UK

Jan 2015 – ArtRooms 2015, Art Fair at Melia White House – Regent’s Park, London UK

Oct/Nov 2014 — The Magma Group Exhibition, Griffin Gallery, London, UK

Oct — Art Below Group Show, Framers Gallery, London, UK

Aug/Sep — 8 Biennale of Miniature, group exhibition, Czestochowa, PL

Apr/ Jun — Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami 2014, solo exhibition, Ognisko, London, UK

Jan 2014 — Open Abstract, group exhibition, Orleans Gallery, London, UK

Dec 2013 — Object Abuse, Group exhibition, Spinach London, London UK

Oct 2013 — Arteria, group exhibition, Polish Hearth, London UK

Sep/Oct 2013 — The Magma Group Exhibition, Vibe Gallery, London, UK

Feb 2013 — Parallax Art Fair, London UK

Feb 2013 — Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami 2013, solo exhibition, POSK Gallery, London UK

Feb 2013 — Cities: All Dimensions, group exhibition, Tokarska Gallery, London UK

Sep 2012 — Mobile Platform, Design Block, South Bank Centre, London, UK

Sep 2012 — Postcards to Japan, group exhibition, Minami Soma Museum, Minami Soma City, JP

May/Jun 2012 — Space for Mind – Space for Art, group exhibition, Spring Project, London, UK

Apr/Jul 2012 — Postcards to Japan, group exhibition, Fukushima Museum of Art, Fukushima,

JP Mar 2012 – Haiku Prelude-Haiku Kami, exhibition and book launch, Pop Up Gallery, London,

Nov/Dec 2011 — Format VI Collective, Page 6 art group, Unit 24 Gallery, London, UK

Oct 2011 -— Format VI Collective, Page 6 art group, POSK Gallery, London, UK

Sep 2011 — Drawing Connections, group exhibition, Sienna Art Institute, Sienna, IT

Sep 2011 – Garage Wood, Commissioned Project for Baltic Restaurant, London, UK

Feb 2011 — Light Night Nottingham, group street exhibition, Nottingham, UK

Nov 2010 — Passion for Freedom, group exhibition, Unit 24 Gallery, London, UK

Nov 2010 — Deconstruction Project, group exhibition, Homeless Gallery, London, UK

Aug 2010 — Take Away, group exhibition, The Outside World Gallery, London, UK

Jun 2010 — Rejects, group exhibition, Menier Chocolate Factory, London, UK

May 2010 — A Moving Exhibition, group exhibition, W&W Gallery, London, UK

Mar 2010 — Series ‘Strictly Woman’, solo exhibition, Gallery POSK, London UK

Feb 2010 — Showcase, group show, 1001 Café, Bricklane, London, UK

Feb 2010 — This is England, group exhibition, The Centre for Contemporary Art, Preston, UK / The Beaconhouse University Gallery in Lahore, Pakistan

Jan 2010 — Series ‘Strictly Woman’, solo show, Arteria Gallery, London, UK

Nov/Dec 2009 — Figures, group exhibition, Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare, UK

Oct 2009 – Series ‘Strictly Woman’, solo exhibition – The Incubator, London, UK

Oct 2009 – Open Call, Frieze Art Show, London, UK

Mar 2004 — Distinction in an international contest, ‘The Painting of the Year 2003’, group exhibition, Krolikarnia Palace, Warsaw, Poland